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Forgive me if I am not comprehensive…. These are just the final impressions that remain in my mind once the book is read. Reviews follow below….

What they dont teach you at Harward Business School?  by Mark Mccormack

“All things being equal, people would buy from friends. All things not being so equal, still people would buy from friends” …..

Thats the quote that remains in my mind from his book…. Very intutive.. Very true…

A cool book. Down to earth. You dont need to study it. It is so natural that it straight filters into the brain. His strength is the way he has written it. No boring theory. Just straight practical info…

To summarise the contents, he talks much on people skills. He says that every business situation boils down to a people situation. If we need to be successful in business, or for that matter, even at work or in life otherwise, we need to be able to be able to judge people and the situations well. Trying to sell when the other person is not in the right frame of mind, trying to renew a contract on the same old thing which he/she no more values much, being very hurried in the process all could lead to ineffetive selling.

Perseverence, willingness to wait, even years at times to get a deal from someone is a very revealing insight brought up by him. Of course, we dont want to wait years to strike a deal worth a few thousand bucks. But we need to know how long we could wait for what. To find him/her in a suitable mindset and environment to make the deal.

Its not about cheating people. Never. We need to deliver value. If we are not convinced of our product, we wont do very well.

Make it personal. A new year wish, a diwali wish, whatever it may be, Pls make it personal. Not a whole printed lot of cards sent with a printed signature.. No way. It could only have an adverse effect if at all any in many situations. This tells me that what the head of the company / business adds really is “Relationships” for the company. Thats the value that he/she adds mainly, apart from the sound decision making and motivation etc.. The top boss could well spend time talking to ppl and going out for lunches with them. Thats what brings in business.

Consider the purchase of a mobile phone too that we would make today? Can we really evaluate every feature and price / benefit quantitatively, analyse and then buy? No. The features / pricing have been made so complicated, we cant anymore buy based on pure logical decisions. Theoretically, it would take infinite time to decide if we wanted to do so. Thats where he states the obvious ground reality. People buy based on what their friends say, people buy from friends because they trust them, not because the product is “THE BEST”.. It should of course, be very good and provide a sense of value. But as we know, there is never a Best among most competing products.

People skills. At times I wonder while reading the book if one has to become very scheming / calculative on trying to take the edge on other people. Are we getting more artificial and wrong when we talk of people skills? Is it about how to get things out of people? Not necessarily. It need not be the dragon that it sounds to be. In the long term, artificial wishes, scheming against ppl all would get exposed. It wont leave us in a good respectable position. But given all that, people skills are very required.

In being defensive, many times we even miss out complimenting our friend / junior for the good work done. Somewhere, it feels that we dont have to explicitly compliment. It needs to be shown in action when appropriate. But it certainly remains a fact that “anyone likes a few accolades, a few cheering words”. Maintaining a business relationship with someone is certainly a tricky thing. How close do we get, what all do we reveal to them, is it ok to try and extract information from them? He answers many of these questions. I guess you would do better reading it the way he has said it. . .

Happy Reading…

Do post in your comments. Thanks..

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