Blood donation

Each of us lives in a different world, all together on this earth…

I say this because, until I got associated with the Rotary-ttk Blood bank in bangalore, I had no idea that there was this side to the world where it was always an emergency for someone… I certainly did know about blood donation. I had even been once to a hospital to donate blood since one of my colleagues had asked me. His relative had an operation and they needed 4 replacement donors. Unfortunately that day, I was not healthy enough (low on body weight they said ) to donate blood. But that was the only view I had. Whenever someone is in a hospital and needs blood, the hospital asks their relatives / friends to get 4 people of any blood group and donate. In turn, the hospital provides blood of the required group to the patient.

But hardly did I know that this was not so safe a process. Hardly did I know that when someone needs blood, it could be whole blood, or just red blood cells, or some other components like platelets  etc… Hardly had I an idea of the number of tests the blood needs to undergo to be certified safe. Blood taken on one side and diffused on another in a typical “filmy style” looks great on screen but is very unsafe.

At the Rotary-ttk blood bank, I learnt that they do many many tests before they supply it to those who need it.

A safe Blood transfusion system is one in which people donate blood voluntarily and regularly to blood banks. This blood then goes through tests. Those which are fit alone are  stored and then given out in need. Thats the safe method.

Fear not to donate blood. If you are at least 5o kgs, healthy and in descent shape, U can… Gals of course, would have to also check if they have a descent Heamoglobin count of at least 12.

The blood bank cares for U first. Basic checks like body weight, heamoglobin, health history (asked from u), blood pressure, pulse etc are done before they clear U for donation. U would for sure walk off comfortably and feeling better (mentally) after donation.  Physically, it would take just 24 hrs for ur blood volume to be replaced. In about 22 days, all blood components reach their good levels… N u r fit as a fiddle…

To know more about doubts you may have regarding blood donation, please see .  or for a simple html version look at .

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