A date with history for India: 27th Aug 2011


Today, truly would be seen as one of the important days in the history of India. The 27th Aug 2011; a day when parliamentarians cutting across party lines came forward, having recognised the public sentiment to speak in favour of a strong lokpal bill…. Truly heartening….


I do not want to be naive and believe that the movie is over with a happy ending. No. There is no ending in real life and the struggle will continue. I know. We all know that. But today is a day that will give us much belief and strength. We, as Indians probably have been sleeping for long and not asking of our representatives, what we should have. This movement lead by Shri Anna Hazare ji has woken us up. I cant speak for all but I guess that is fairly true for the most of us. We have learnt how to voice ourselves. We know that come next time, we have a defined path, a precedent to look back to and take our movement forward. Why more??? Well.. There are many more things we need to change to become a truly great nation. I am quite sure that most people into this debate already recognise that the next movement is going to be on ‘Election Reforms’. It will come and we know how to handle it. That we have to be part of it. Peacefully. In the Gandhian way; in the Anna way. I hope we can spare Anna ji from those movements and that we wont demand another 13 day fast from him. Hats off to him for pulling it off in Great style. He has the energy to stand up and sing the national anthem after all this. You cant but respect him. Salute him. Hail him…. Jai Anna ji….


This also calls for an important recognition. While most of us have been left to feel that all institutions we have including the parliament, the government, the judiciary, the police are all pathetic to say the least, we should rise above that. We have to sit back and think about it once more. Are we just pouring our hatred of some of the people in these institutions on the institutions itself. Most likely yes. Believe me. I have read a little bit, if not much of our Constitution and you know what? Its a great document. We truly must be proud of ourselves for having such a great constitution. Following debates on news often, I can also read between the lines and see how good our parliamentary system is as an institution. How one uses it is another matter but the institution in itself is laudable. The judiciary off late has been very active and very rightly so. It is one of the best institutions we have. Our efforts should be to strengthen it and not to be disparaging.


We need to get the UPSC exams reformed, the elections reformed, our schooling system changed and so on… We have our task cut out. Are we ready to venture and get onto the job or are we going to remain on the sidelines and keep cribbing? Let us not crib. Let us act. Let us prepare ourselves for the struggle. How? Study the systems, work on the ground; not for a day or two but for years. We, only then will be powerful enough to do anything about it. Anna ji did not become what he is in just one day or even the last 6 months starting April when he came to limelight. Its been a lifelong struggle. We. the youth of India need to rise. We need to shoulder the burden. Building institutions is no joke. We will know when we do it. We will certainly do a better job than our predecessors. I am sure. But we must struggle to get it done. Nothing happens like in movies…. We need to motivate more of our youngsters to join the police, the government jobs, the judiciary and even become parliamentarians. We also should strive to be so. Then, we will see a truly powerful nation. A great India….


Jai Hind !!!

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