Review of the Jan Lok Pal Bill V2.1

Please find inserted below, the Jan Lok Pal Bill V2.1 with review remarks of mine. I am not a legal expert by any stretch of imagination but understand a few basics of law and systems of justice in India.

(Please look at ‘review comments’. Document is in MS word format)

I have not completed the whole thing. Will do so and update.

Jan lokpal bill 2.1_Reviewed_partially

Some global remarks / observations:

  • Lok Pal certainly seems to assume unduly high powers, powers of courts to issue orders / enforce order in many cases. This has to be avoided in my view. I think that Lokpal should be able to receive complaints, take suo-moto notice etc and investigate but passing order should be left to the courts.
  • Not needing permission to investigate is essential and that is good.
  • Lok Pal appears to be empowered even to look at wrong decisions taken by public servants. That is undue power. In general, actions of any of us may be subject to 3 problems; Inefficiency, wrong judgment, malafide action. Only last point should come under purview of Lokpal. If for instance, a municipal officer wrongly judges the need for a bridge in a place and gets it constructed and 2 years down the line, it is seen that it is not used much, should we accuse him of unduly favouring the private player who got the contract to construct it. No !!! . Unless, the officer has received favours from such private player, he should be immune.

Jai Hind !!!

5 thoughts on “Review of the Jan Lok Pal Bill V2.1

  1. Valerian Menezes May 8, 2011 at 6:43 am Reply

    1. Lokpal shall receive complaints about the delays by state departments and their officials in processing the applications from the citizens. Because these undue delays are the cause for bribery leading to corruption. Hence there should be an agency to review the cause for such delay. If in case of some genuine requests undue delay is caused in processing them a complaint should lie to the lokpal and the official delaying the process for ulterior motive should be taken to task.
    2. It is right to empower the lokpal only to investigate, either suo motu or on receiving complaints. The judgement shall be passed by the courts.
    3. There should be sufficient numbers of branches of lokpal, even at the taluka level unlike the present Human Rights Commissions, Press Council of India etc which are not in the reach of a common villagers.

    • monika bisht August 27, 2011 at 8:40 am Reply

      which court are you talking about…the one where cases are pending since last 15-20 years…everyone is sold my dear.

      • amrudspeak August 27, 2011 at 4:39 pm

        I see the anguish and frustration that you reflect…. I am with you on that. It is but obvious that we have been brought to this situation by many of those who have been in power over the last few decades. I hope that we can channel this frustration and anger positively in contributing towards better nation building.

        We truly have seen a very successful day today where the parliamentarians have seen the public sentiment and reflected it in parliament. I sat through the whole evening listening to the debate in Lok Sabha until the resolution was passed unanimously. It truly is a thumping victory to Anna, his team and the whole country.

        While we tend to lose ourselves in anger and let cynicism set in, we should realise that we are not going to achieve anything with just that. Anna has shown us the way. He has shown how to channel the energy positively and make things happen. We should follow him. Let us try to make the best of contributions we can do towards a building a truly great nation. I am proud to be an Indian. Let us make our country even greater. The fight against corruption has just begun. We have more to achieve; election reforms, education reforms and so forth. Let us participate strongly as Anna’s team has shown us and make things better for ourselves and all.

        Jai Hind !!!

  2. monika bisht August 27, 2011 at 8:35 am Reply

    Jan lokpal in my opinion is an extremely efficient and a very good beginning against corruption..people with good financial status may not understand the need but the maximum population of the country which belongs to middle class and poor do understand their day to day struggle for a peaceful and corruption free life.Jan lokpal should be implemented as soon as possible as an independent body with new members excluding the politicians so that it is does what it has to do..I salute anna for his efforts and also want to say that **************************** politicians with ** human values and morals stop criticising JAN LOKPAL, it is what people want and you r a public servant meant to do what we want else quit your job and a messge for gandhi family-THIS IS NOT RAJTANTRA,THIS IS LOKTANTRA… GO BACK TO ***** WHERE YOU HAVE ALREADY SAVED A LOT OF OUR ****** MONEY FOR FUTURE…SO STAY OUT OF THIS…

  3. SIA September 21, 2012 at 4:15 pm Reply


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