Support Anna Hazare…. Ready the weapon against corruption

We dont anymore have to be lacking in imagination or feel helpless. We have the beacon to guide us towards curbing corruption in India. Hail Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejrival, Kiran Bedi and others….

The Jan Lok Pal Bill, 2011 is our weapon. We will still have to use it and fight to kill or even curb corruption to a large extent but without this weapon, we would be powerless and helpless as we feel today… Hail the concrete Bill drafted by experienced and eminent people with great integrity…

We need to back this bill and get the joint drafting committee. That would be the first step. We trust the eminent team which has started this movement. When 5 of them are in the joint drafting committee, we can certainly hope for a good bill that will go to the parliament to be passed in the monsoon session.

This is our second freedom movement. Freedom from corruption which restricts every step of our growth.

Under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, I hear that workers are paid Rs.30 and made to sign a voucher for Rs.100. I have personally overheard a lady boasting in a public bus that she can get you a loan of Rs.25,000 from the govt under some scheme which you need not pay back, and for which she will take Rs.3000 as commission. If we go on like this, how will we progress???

We should stop giving in to the demands of bribe at every govt. office from now on. Its ok if our land registration gets delayed by a month, its ok if our no-objection certificate takes 3 months to come…. but I will not pay a bribe.. Lets tell it straight and clear to every govt official or politician who demands it. We have the Right to Information Act too. We can file a RTI to find out what happenned to our application. The Information officer at the office is bound to reply. If we get no reply, we can file a complaint with the district Information commissioner. (Guess I got the title right.) If there has been undue delay (as against service level agreements which are published at some offices), we can seek redressal.

If we are in a hurry though, then India would have to wait for long to be free of corruption.

Lets stand up against corruption….. and support Shri Anna Hazare ji and others…

Jai Hind !!!


Read the bills

Jan lokpal bill by Expert (Eng).pdf

Lokpal Bill by Government of India.pdf

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