All of us are Good people…

(Just sharing a simple thought)

All of us are good people…

Is that so??? Yes. When do we call a person good? When he / she does good things? Yes. If so, we are all good people… We are always doing good things… !!!! The key question though is “Good for who?”

One can do good in the four following ways:

1. Good for SELF

2. Good for FAMILY

3. Good for COMMUNITY

4. Good for HUMANITY

All of us certainly do keep doing at least the first “Good” of Good for self. Quite often, we may be doing good for family too and a little for the community. Rite? So, that very simply makes us good people. But wait !!!

While we do any one of these “Good”s , do we also do some Bad for someone??? Thats the second key question. There can very similarly be four kinds of “Bad”… For Self, for Family, for Community and for Humanity. When the quantum of good that we do is higher than the quantum of bad we do, we are termed GOOD people.  Quite natural…. Right?????

Also, the key concept here….. All the four “GOOD”s or “BAD”s are not of equal value…. Very obviously, when one looks from the GLOBAL GOOD perspective, for the sustainance of humanity, the activities, either good or bad done by us rank in Value in the following order.

1. For Humanity

2. For Community

3. For Family

4. For Self.

So, in simple terms the more good we do for Humanity and less bad we do for Humanity, the more GOOD we are in the eyes of other people.

What happens when the Good for Humanity or Community or Family causes Bad for Self???? This is one condition which very few people would prefer and allow.  But when it is accepted and allowed, we call that act a SACRIFICE. Being able to Sacrifice has been hailed as one of the greatest virtues… It certainly is good…. Being precise, “Good for Humanity”… But does the self lose in such cases? Not necessarily. There could be some physical / mental loss for the self. But spiritually, there is nothing that the Self can ever lose. In fact, Sacrifice takes the Self also to a Higher plane of existence. There is no greater happiness than seeing happiness of self in the happiness in others…

Each of us do activities which are distributed in these 8 categories. The simple goal is to do the shift towards the top of the below shown Ladder of Activities.

Good for Humanity

Good for Community

Good for Family

Good for Self

Bad for Self

Bad for Family

Bad for Community

Bad for Humanity.

Also, another important question that arises is this. When there is a good happening for someone, does it have to be bad for someone else? Not really. This is what is often termed as the Win-Win situation… We can always find a middle path where neither loses but certainly there could be some compromise to make. Why should we compromise? In order to move our activity more towards the top of the ladder. If viewing only the short term benefit for ourselves, we take a decision to focus on the good for self and allow bad for anybody, we gain less in the long term.

Just as Alexander, the Great told his people to bury him with both his palms facing upwards to indicate that despite all his conquests, he is carrying nothing with him when he is dead, we too wont carry anything “material” when we leave this world…

Its a choice each of us have to make in each of our activities what are we bargaining for … “Good for Self while allowing Bad for Humanity?” Never… If each of us shift a little more up the ladder towards “Good for Community” even, the world would be a much better place. We dont need miracles or revolutions…

Jai Hind !!!!

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