Study Child Rights Law at National Law School….

On Dec 29th, 2008, I saw a small article in the newspaper that the NATIONAL LAW SCHOOL OF INDIA UNIVERSITY, BANGALORE is offering a POST-GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN CHILD RIGHTS LAW (PGDCRL).

What did i do?

Went the very next day and registered..  (31st dec was the last date.. i made it…)

The result: I have never looked back. Simply wonderful course…. Not just academically. You learn all the relevant perspectives..

To be a little more elaborate,

Who all joined:

Social Workers (both independent and those working in NGOs)

Child Welfare Committee / Juvenile Justice Board officials

Govt Officials from the Ministry of Women and Child Development (officially deputed)

Law Graduates


B.Com Graduates

Lastly, techies like me, a mechanical engineer working for aircraft engine design….. and a software guy…..

Required Qualifications:

A degree… simple.. no more..

Course format:

Distance education: We attended 3 days contact class in january , 3 days in may and finally 4 days in November (same time as exams)

U r allowed to stretch it to 3 years but certainly preferable to finish in the first year itself…

Self Instruction and further Reading material are sent across by post…

Course Contents:

The course has 4 papers. The first thing that struck me on checking out the topics were the beautiful logical sequence in which they were organised

Paper 1: Child, Family and the State in India: Realities and Issues

In this paper, you get to know the ground reality, the statistics, the issues in lay man terms etc

Paper 2: Child Rights, Policy and Law: National and International Framework

In this paper, we learn the philosophical arguements about child rights , about the important United Nations Convention on Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and National policy etc

Paper 3: Key Legislations relating to Children in India

Here, we learn the core national legislations in various fields like child labour, education, children with disabilities, marginalised communities etc. We also learn the history of how these developed and why they are as they are today.. Importantly covered is the Juvenile Justice Act, 2000 and it’s systems, issues about the same.

Paper 4: Working with Children from a Rights Based Perspective

This one in simple terms is a Social Worker’s Guide. Deals with how to build programs / projects for children with a rights based perspective as against the usual welfare perspective. Talks of Public Interest Litigations and how u can use it etc.. Talks about counselling skills, mediation etc.. Also talks very importantly about working in a Multi Disciplinary Setting (by involving ppl from many roles like parents, teachers, doctors, psychiatrists, lawyers, social workers) and how Integrated schemes for children can be built.


If you care for child rights and wish to know more, Do not miss this course. . . The faculty and staff at the Centre for Child and the Law, NLSIU and professors from other departments at NLSIU are just the right people to learn from. The energy and enthusiasm, the empathy and deep understanding of all issues and subjects and very truly of children are the clinchers. Also, you get to have lectures from various other people like from NGOs, State Legal Services Authority, Judiciary etc. The student community too form a great source of perspectives and knowledge too, from various parts of the country and from various disciplines.

Why have I not spoken about opportunities for improvement in the course? I am confident they are at work on it and considering that we were the first batch, we cant complain much. The small logistical issues fade in comparison to what we got… The second batch and henceforth would certainly benefit more…

Jai Hind !!!

3 thoughts on “Study Child Rights Law at National Law School….

  1. R.Agnihotry January 14, 2010 at 12:45 pm Reply

    Hello, I m a student of second batch of PGDCRL, NLSIU..good to know about u..yeah, this course is brilliantly designed..n one will gain a lot by pursuing it…I m fortunate that I got to know about this course..


    • amrudspeak January 14, 2010 at 12:55 pm Reply

      Good to hear….. Certainly… All the best !!!

      • R.Agnihotry January 14, 2010 at 1:02 pm

        yes.u r right..the our self-instructional materials have been brought forth with modifications n additions..I’ve done PG in Human Rights with specialization in Women n Child Rights..but this course is certainly more rewarding..may I get ur mail id? U already have mine..


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