Corruption in India: Two forms? Less evil and more evil?

One (with some kind of authority or power) can take money / gifts etc for two purposes

1. To do what he anyway has to do (as a public servant and it being his duty)

2. To do something or rather omit something to unconstitutionally / immorally favour somebody

To take examples,

For the first form: Processing a passport renewal request by local police, RTO giving ‘no objection certificate’ etc

For the second form: Metropolitan authority giving garbage collection / disposal contract to worthless / incompetent company which employs child labour,  police not registering FIR against someone who was caught for a crime…

Are these two forms of corruption really very different? Is the first form less evil and the second form more evil? My first reaction / idea certainly goes this way but then I wonder whether someone who indulges in the first form would stay away from the second form? I feel he / she would certainly get tempted to pursue the second form also if pushed a little, simply because there is a clear absence of INTEGRITY even if he / she indulges in the first form.

It certainly seems that the second form is more evil and should in no case be supported by us. Even if we are caught overspeeding or violating a traffic signal, we pay the fine thats to be paid…. Not to push 50 bucks in his pocket n go our way…. This is truly one place where i see that we as CIVIL SOCIETY have a RESPONSIBILITY to not encourage them. There is no point feeding the pig dirty stuff because it is ready to eat and then call it a dirty animal.  May be even the pig can be a nice pet if we did not feed it dirty stuff and make it comfortable being dirty.

Next question is: Is it ok to pay up in the first form? For something that anyway that official has to do? Just because we want to save some time or some inconvenience? Do we feel that he / she is underpaid by the Govt. for his job and that is why he / she is asking for that extra Rs. 100/- ? While I acknowledge that the police probably do get little pay, at least the constables, does this form a valid excuse for feeding them? Would it not make them addicted to ‘EASY MONEY’ and later allow them to ‘GRADUATE’ to the second and more evil form of corruption?

Do write in your feedback…………………..

Jai Hind !!!!

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