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Child Rights : What is new? And Why to bother?


Pls read the attached pdf. Its a simple doc TO SHARE SOME AWARENESS on child rights…..


What can we do to stop terror?

We , poor little citizens cant do anything to stop terror.. rite?? No.. We can starve them….

Buy not a pirated DVD,

That money goes to them.

Give Not a Bribe,

The cop wont work.

Invest in the lives of unfortunate,

they wont have to even unknowingly help the terrorists.

Use the RTI, Use the PIL,

We can make the government work.

Lets not spread our hands and say we are none. Stand up without fear. Fear of losing our precious time. Fear of losing our earning. Fear of being called names…. Its only inner strength and action that will keep us safe. Not anyone or anything else. Jai Hind !!!!!