Discovering rural India !!!

Rural India has strengths. But it would be hiding our from reality if we said nothing ails Rural India.

I would not impose much my opinions here. To be frank, I dont know much. My parents hail from villages in Rural India. But its been quite some time since I myself visited…. I have also travelled as part of treks to rural places in Chikmangalur, Karnataka. I have met with people who have come over to the cities from rural places, heard their stories. But this blog is not one to stick out my opinions. I shall share information I have. But more importantly, I WISH TO HEAR FROM YOU.

WHY?  I guess that a strength sharing between rural and urban India could bring benefits to both. The first step of course is to know what and how…. As of now, there is only a strong feeling that pushes me to look……Of course, our great Industrialists like the Tatas, Birlas, ITC and so on have done and are doing great work towards the same… This is to look if even from us simple small individuals, something good can happen… Just letting the government and others do / cribbing on inaction by them is certainly not the way…


Just a small question…

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