The Indian Stock Market

The BSE sensex is not just the one index that stands as a measure of how the Indian market is doing.

Of course!!! But still, it is one of the major ways we can measure how the Indian Stock market has been doing. So, here I present below 3 charts to show how we have done over the years, months and by every day in the last year. Scroll down to end if you are interested only in the graphs (cick to zoom.. n again click to zoom further)… 😉

(Data sourced from )

How do we make money out of money? Is there one best strategy to make the most out of the stock market? Are mutual funds best or is it best to invest directly on individual companies? We all have many more questions….. I dont know an answer yet.  But what I do undertand today is this.

a) Equity market certainly is either high growth or high fall (high risk in any case)

b) We enter the equity market either directly by buying individual stocks or by buying mutual funds / Unit linked Insurane plans and the so forth.

c) Among mutual funds, the almost 80% equity funds, the almost 50% equity balanced funds, the safe debt funds and money market funds form the ladder. More risk to least risk, Potentially most returns to safely less returns starting from the first to last.

d) To keep our hard earned money growing, we need to balance our investments among: Land / House, Equity, Gold, Commodities (copper, iron etc i think), National Savings Certificates, Provident Funds (public / employee), Fixed Deposits and finally the Savings bank account…

e) If we know less about the stock market, then we better go through mutual funds and that too through Systematic Investment Plans (a little each month…). The mutual funds invest in those stocks which they think are best and do the hard work of buying/selling for us. They try to maximise profits for us since they get a cut of about 6-7% on it through various means like entry/exit loads etc…

f) If we know more about the market, then we analyse which business sector is doing well, among them which companies are likely to do best and accordingly invest. We do this through agents or go through our own DEMAT and Trading Accounts through the NetBanking facilities which our banks provide us.

I wish to write No-Nonsense… So, I shall stop here on theories.. I have faced the fall in investments recently… So, here is the first step towards finding the right strategies, 3 graphs to start with….

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