Are Electric vehicles Environment friendly?

Supposedly so. They dont emit any fumes. Great !!!

But !!! And yes. There is a But to this…. It would be wrong to say that they do not add to pollution. Looking in the context of these vehicles being used in India, I would like to mention that if we are charging these vehicles using electricity, then we need to look back at the place where the electricity is generated. Most of our electricity production is either using Coal or diesel. Hydroelectric, wind and Nuclear contribute a small percentage.

So, certainly, the fumes for the electric vehicles are emitted much before we run it.. We are just transfering the pollution to sub-urban or rural areas.

And the worst thing is this. It is said that TRANSMISSION LOSSES we have mean that what energy we get by burning 1 litre of diesel here would be available to us here only if 3 litres are burned at the power plant located far away… So, in fact we could be causing more pollution. Just that it is far away from us. And ‘out of sight’ is ‘out of mind’.

In contrast France produces about 75% of its Electricity with Nuclear power plants. This way, they do not cause greenhouse gas emissions. Of course, there are other environmental effects and safety considerations of Nuclear power plants probably but it certainly is much cleaner in terms of immediate Carbon dioxide and other emissions.

So, think twice before you buy a ‘SUPPOSEDLY ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY ELECTRIC VEHICLE’ in India

We cant ever destroy the Environment…….. It will destroy us before that…

Do correct me if I am wrong…

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