India Vs Australia…

A moment to cherish… A moment to feel proud… A moment to put back all criticism of Sachin…

It was fascinating to say the least to see India beat Australia in the first final on sunday. There really was a great difference in strength. The Indians played for a win with much belief. There was a lot of poor fielding initially. But overall, the performance was much superior to that of the Australians’.

One aspect which many fail to stress is the importance of SPIN Bowling in allowing us the win. Australians as usual finding it tough to play spin and Piyush chawla and others did a great job…

I too had been quite sceptical about sachin’s performances. I have seen him play at times with seemingly poor attitude. Spending too much time to get too few runs. Not because of tough condidions. But at least at that time, it felt like he was failing to get the singles and so on…. But sunday was great. (Note:I didnt see the second final.. Just heard the roars from people watching it on the terrace of my office….) Sachin was really fluent in his strokes. Leaving deliveries wisely. Striking them at will and with confidence. And as usual accumulating runs at a pace he always does. As long as he was in, the Australians had no chance..

Great work team India…  🙂 🙂 :-B

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