I realise now…

“Early to bed and early to rise” …

We have heard this only too often… Many of the elders in my family have told this to me. Or rather, many even demonstrate directly by their actions. Some of my uncles wake up at about 4:30 am and are off to sleep by about 9 pm. I had known this for long. Even health experts, magazines say this. But is this really true?

May be it was only something they did because their profession demanded it. Our profession is different. Conditions are different. We are not in villages doing farming. We r here writing codes / analysing or managing stuff in offices in cities. This does not apply to us. We work for clients in the US, the Europe, Japan etc. Hence, our work timings are very different. There cant be one size of shirt that fits all. Same way, this rule cannot apply to all.

So, it went. Though having known this for years, I never implemented it much. Although, i still have managed to wake up at 6:30 am n mostly go to bed by 10 pm. That was because I felt good working that way. Even during college days, before semester exams, the three hours of study in the morning has always benefited me most. Almost never stayed awake after 11 pm. Even in office, problems that remained unsolved the previous evening get solved with almost no effort the next morning. I have observed this quite often. But there it remained till now, in the back of the mind…On the contrary, waking up late or if the train am travelling by reaches beyond 8-9 am, the whole day feels wasted. This too remained…

Truths dont come to realisation through logic. They flash suddenly…

In recent times, I have been having to take more decision, both personally and professionally. In the ending months of the previous year, I have had to stay late at office. Too much work to be done n too few people available to do. This also meant lot of decisions to be taken regarding planning / project risks etc while staying late. I had just been doing it as I had not much time to think. But what I had been seeing over time is that projects were getting delayed, some risks went unaddressed causing enough turmoil. I attributed it all to human resource shortage n left it as I had no control over that. Personaly too, the work load at office meant that I arrived late. This stretched my day n decisions on finance, family etc.. were made later in the evenings n nights. They have not been great either.

This year has been little different. Year beginnings r low on workload for us, a service industry firm. Moreover, I was off to foreign land for a month n work pressures have not been much. So, my office timings have been more regular. Reaching office at 8:30 am to avoid traffic n leaving back at 6:30 pm as I was done with the work. Things have been happening differently. They r more in control…

All this happenings that i mentioned above, I am sure would be quite common to many of us working in cities, be it in the IT industry or banks n finance firms or call centres.

Yesterday, it just struck me… N I write now….

Its not been without reason that in olden days people used to wake early n sleep early. “Mornings are full of hope and belief. Nights are full of doubt, depression and useless thoughts” Does it strike a chord immediately? I believe it certainly would. Analyse your life and you would see this thing repeatedly happening only too often. Many of ur successful work (out of the ordinary, ones that brought you acclaim / awards) would have been executed in the mornings. Most of things that went awry would have been due to work / decisions taken in evenings or late nights. The jigsaw puzzle all seems to fit now. You ask me for statistics? Yes. I am going to collect. How? By your replies to this article. Please do write back if you share this experience / see opposing experiences. Over time, I am sure with many replies, we would have enough proof for this.

Extremes teach us most…

A thought experiment would help here. Say we get a thug (or goonda) to wake up early, get him to brush his teeth, have a nice cup of coffee, take bath, have good healthy breakfast……. N them tell him “hei. U got this task today. Go… Ur victim would be there in that place…. N u know what to do…” Funny???? What do you think would happen? Would he really do what he is meant to do? Would at least one thought not cross his mind “Why am I doing this?” . I believe it would.

Thugs, even if they work in mornings do not do so really. They would probably be under intoxication with alcohol effects remaining. So, it is still not the energetic morning for them. They live under gloom all day. And under gloom, u can only expect unproductive / criminal thoughts to come. Do u get the point? A further fact I heard recently fits well. It seems that in cold countries near the poles during winters when people hardly see the sun, stay either inside houses or offices most of the time feel a lot of depression. Another piece fits in the jigsaw puzzle…

Ms.Kiran Bedi, IPS Officer realised this probably. Thats probably how she got onto reforms at the Tihar Jail. Jails should be centres of reform for those who come in as thugs / criminals go out and learn to live a ‘day life’ forgetting their past ‘night life’. They are to be shown ‘mornings’, a new sunrise in their life.

Work done in morning / decisions taken in mornings would lead to good results.

By mornings, what is meant is not just the time of the day. It also means the physical state you are in. Having woken up after a good sleep n freshened up n nourished well by a good breakfast. Thats a good morning. Do try this. I am sure it would work well. Choose to avoid traffic with early morning travel. Put off any decisions to mornings. Things will work well.
What about me u may ask if you are working in companies that require you to be on night shift ? Simple. Decide if you live for yourself or for the company ! Yes. today you cannot avoid working late nights. But work to get off the night shifts to a regular day shift. Others who are starting careers would come and fill those slots. And then as they grow, they can also choose to work during day. Make a lifestyle change. That changes your health and life and nothing else… Choose to live happily n peacefully n it will come to u… Choose to avoid pizza with aerated drinks in nights. They dont get digested well and your next day too would be just so so… Apply this basic logic to ur specific life and you would find choices that could make ur life happier, funnier n nice…

One point I learnt when I was in france was that people realise there that they work only to earn a living and to have job satisfaction. Life for them is much bigger outside of office with 3 week vacations commonly taken. They work mostly for themselves. Not for the organisation. And thats good. The organisation will still run well.

Wish you all good and healthy living…

See article “Experiments on a healthy work environment” … to come soon…



One thought on “I realise now…

  1. Vandana April 28, 2008 at 10:05 am Reply

    hai anna………….
    nice article…bt dsnt apply for astronomers,I guess!:-)

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