Experiments on a healthy work environment

This is one for corporates to think of… But top mangament is what the company is. And if you are part of it or close to them, you can try this out / get it tried… Product companies, I am sure can spare this much resource.

The aim is simple. To experiment a good healthy work environment that would enhance product / service quality, employee satisfaction, productivity and hence profits n growth for the organisation.

The method is simple too. Although not seemingly cheap initially. It would be an investment.  It would bear benefits over time and you would see it. Big companies I am sure would have resources to experiment it (or probably they already do..)

When I write independently thought up things, I dont look for ‘prior art’. Hence, please forgive me for my ignorance if I am writing stuff that you already know…

The method:

1. Setup a work place, say one that would accommodate 10 people on your office terrace or any place that would receive good sunlight. Of course, protected with sun film or whatever to prevent it getting hot. But some warmth and light are a must.  Architects I am sure would know what I talk of…

Louvre museum…

2.  Get one team to move to this place. Get them to work in mornings. If your team does not travel much to reach office, it would be great. Say they start work at 8 am..

3. Experiment for a month or so.  And as you know, collect satistics on say how many bugs they fix in that time,whats been the quality etc.. etc… N u already know what it used to be a month ago when they were working in artificial lights. with air conditioners that dont always work well to provide fresh enough air. N where mornings n nights r no different..

4. Analyse ur statistics after the experiment. If u find it encouraging, then here u go….

5. This could come on a rotation basis. Teams would move in to such a work environment for short periods. They would get some incentives to move.

6. Or better still, teams that show promising effort could be awarded with such environment. This would make teams work  together and better to achieve such an environment.

7. Or even better. If your economics works well, switch your whole office to such a structure that would provide such an environment. Hopefully, you would see much better business.

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