27 days in Paris….

Pushing the Eiffel tower is easy…

Give me some time to write it….. if u r in a hurry, do mail me… would be happy to share info (which u may need if u r a first time traveller…)

Let me just start it anway…

I knew it as Paris…. But seems its “Pareee”… as they call it…

A biiiiiiiig city, full of museusms, built for tourists, with the Eiffel tower bringing people there and the the other museums n the tower itself mint Euros…. Nice to see with its age old buildings that were built to last… Easy to roam around with 14 lines of metros running across.. That was not enough.. So, they added the RER trains that run faster n longer… Yet far short of the grand TGV that today skims the tracks at 340 kilometers an hr…

…More to come…

One thought on “27 days in Paris….

  1. Suresh March 3, 2008 at 4:58 pm Reply

    Amru, THere is always a lot to write about in Pareee. One of the best places i have ever visited and stayed. So much to do there, roam around, especially in Summer. Ah.. \


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